dave's 365 project

10/365 Celeste

Posted in People, Places by Dave on January 10, 2010

A photog friend of mine called yesterday and asked if I wanted to do an athlete shoot with him today. I’m glad I said yes. Sure makes the 365 idea a lot easier.

Celeste played basketball and was a swimmer in college. She is now an agency represented model. She’s in pretty good shape too.

Technical info:

The sun was going down fast so I had to rapidly change my settings. I used a B1600 with a softbox on camera left to cross the sun on the right. I was going for that Nike adv kind of look here.

I used a large softbox for the wrap around shadows. I like how softboxes do that. After setting the light power to F8, I asked her not to move from her spot. At sundown, the light changes VERY quickly and I didn’t have time to change the light position.

Started the shutter at 1/250th and the background went black. However, she was lit well. It looked like a snap shot. So I just kept slowing down the shutter until the background brightened up. It’s amazing how much you can control the ambient light with just the shutter speed.  I settled on 1/80th of a second. I added vibrancy in Lightroom to make the color pop more.


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