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18/365 – Chrissa, Rebecca, and Felicity

Posted in Things by Dave on January 18, 2010

January is birthday month for us. Both daughters and my niece have birthdays in January.  They are obsessed with American Girl dolls so the moms took them to the American Girl store in LA today. I had to work so planned to meet them there for lunch.  I am not as obsessed with the dolls as they are.

At lunch, they were so enthusiastic and couldn’t wait to tell me about all the rooms and how cool the store was. Disneyland is no match for this place. Really. Next thing I knew, I got caught up in all the enthusiasm. I ended up playing hooky the rest of the afternoon and hung out with the girls and played with dolls. I sure hope no one from work is reading this.

Meet Chrissa, Rebecca, and Felicity:

Technical info:

I placed a softbox to the left, and an umbrella to the right of me. The softbox produces such soft light that there are hardly any shadows. The umbrella is soft too but no where near as soft. You can see the shadows it cast. The light power was the same.

1/160th shutter speed, f5.6, ISO100.  I wanted to blur the background more with f4.0 or f2.8 but couldn’t keep the dolls focused at those apertures. So, f5.6 it was.


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