dave's 365 project

day 32 – cow number 1071

Posted in animals by Dave on February 1, 2010

I just think cows are funny. I had a meeting today in the city of Chino where there are no shortage of farms or dairy cows. I pulled off the side of the road and called over my new friend – cow #1071 – to take her picture.

Here are some random facts I just pulled off the internet about cows:

-the first cow came to the US in 1611

– a cow chews her cud for 8 hours per day

– the best cows produce 25 gallons of milk per day

-they eat 40lbs of food per day and drink about a bathtub full of water.

– they have 32 teeth

– cows do not have 4 stomachs, they have 4 digestive compartments

You learn something new every day. Meet cow #1071:


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  1. Christy said, on February 1, 2010 at 10:09 pm

    Thsnks for the cow info. It was very educational.

  2. […] Day 82 – Cow # 524 March 23, 2010 by Dave so I did it again…..I went by the dairy farm today. This time I got a lot closer. I think Cow #524 was going to charge me if I took one step closer. She was no where near as friendly as Cow #1071 seen here. […]

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