dave's 365 project

Day 38 of 365 – Self Portrait

Posted in Landscapes by Dave on February 7, 2010

Got up ridiculously early this morning. Couldn’t sleep so I decided to go for a hike up to the highest local hill and catch a spectacular sunrise. I figured it would be really good with the recent storms. I was wrong. I couldn’t get a sunrise shot I liked at all. So disappointed.

Just as I was packing to head back down the hill and go home, I noticed the long shadows and decided to go for a “self-portrait”.

I am actually really happy with this shot….but it just might be because I had my 365 done by 7am.

How it was shot:

I had the camera on the tripod when I noticed the shadows. I know hard to miss right? But remember, I was going for a sunrise.

Since I wanted a large depth of field, I just put the camera in aperture priority at f10. I let the camera pick the shutter which turned out to be 1/80s. Oh, I also set the mode to 2 second shutter delay so I could put my hands on my hips.


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