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Day 94 – Sunset at Pineapples

Posted in Landscapes, People, Places by Dave on April 11, 2010

On Sunday morning, Liz and I grabbed the golf cart and cruised the entire island, all 3 miles of it.  We found some absolutely amazing beaches. In the afternoon, we got hungry and stumbled upon a little home/restaurant called Pineapples. There are only two ways to get there – a long dirt bumpy road or boat. They really seem to cater to the island hopping boats.

There we met Yvonne the hostess, waitress, chef, dishwasher, and nicest person you ever met. I ended up taking a nice portrait of her and her father. I didn’t know what to order so she suggested some conch fritters and the blackened grouper sandwich. Oh my, it’s worth a trip there just for this. Of course I had a few Kalik Lights to go with it. And a Goombay Smash. Don’t ask.

A few hours later, it occurred to us that we should go grab the other 7 people with us for dinner. I knew the kids would love it because there was a swimming pool and beach within 15 feet of each other. They snorkeled until sunset.

As the sun set, the light became beautiful so I grabbed the flash a fired off a bunch of really fun pictures. A fellow 365’er (goldencindy) was there with me and held the flash while I did my best to focus after a few too many Goombay Smashes.

40D | 1/80s | f2.8 | ISO 100 | 70mm | flash at 1/16th power

how it was shot – the sun is setting in the background and the ambient light is a lot darker than it appears. I was shooting at f2.8. Without a flash, she would have been a silhouette.  Cindy held the flash to camera right and pointed at the girl.


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  1. goldencindy said, on April 11, 2010 at 2:06 pm

    if you were closer i would sign up to be an “assistant” (unpaid) fr the experience. too bad!

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