dave's 365 project

Day 154 – Seventh Street Altarpiece

Posted in Landscapes, People, Places by Dave on June 3, 2010

I picked the wrong day to go through downtown LA tonight. Tonight is game 1 of the Lakers and Celtics series at the Staples Center.  This shot was taken from my car sitting in traffic off the 101 fwy. It was such a beautiful mural that has been ruined by tagging.

When I got home I hit the internet to see if I could find the history of this mural. With that, I have no idea if this info is accurate. It measures 18 feet tall by 97 feet wide. The original is a portrait of Lita Albuquerque taken by Michael Several in 1984. It seems that it was painted as a mural off the 101 freeway at the 110 underpass by Kent Twitchell.

There are series of murals along this stretch of freeway that were originally painted for the LA Olympics. All have been heavily tagged with graffiti.  It’s really sad to see because the original idea was to expose underprivileged people access to museum quality art without needing to go to a museum. Today, there is very little left of the mural.


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