dave's 365 project

Day 166 – Laker’s vs Celtics

Posted in Places by Dave on June 16, 2010

So at about 1pm, I get a lucky call. “I’ve got an extra seat in the suite, wanna go to the Laker game tonight?”. It took me a millisecond to respond.
Good thing I brought the point and shoot to work today or I wouldn’t have made my 365 shot. The Staples Center doesn’t allow DSLR’s in. It was pure luck that I brought the small camera to work today.

Michelle Obama was there just a couple of suites away. The amount of Secret Service surrounding her was simply amazing.  I found it humorous when she had to use the bathroom though. The entire hallway and bathroom has to be cleared out. “Excuse me, we need to clear out about 100 people from this area.”

I’m always happy to watch the Lakers beat the Celtics and tonight they smashed them.  I decided to combine the most exciting two moments of the night. The opening tipoff and the walk back to my car after the game.  It was crazy downtown tonight!


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