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Day 171 – Italy, what happend??

Posted in People, soccer by Dave on June 20, 2010

Ally got up early this morning to watch Italy play New Zealand.  I think she was disappointed with the outcome though.

How it was shot:

25os | f8 | ISO 100 | 21mm

AB800 camera right and behind her at about 45 degrees. 1/16th power.

AB1600 camera left and behind her at about 45 degrees. 1/32nd power.

580ex speedlite diffused into a PLM in front of her and slightly to the left.

I then just cut her out and dropped her onto a bleacher background shot a while ago.

Here’s the set up shot:


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  1. DaddyNoBucks said, on June 26, 2010 at 7:03 am

    Priceless expression! I was in Madrid, Spain when they lost to Switzerland and I thought the entire city was going to turn into an angry mob scene. Most commercial businesses closed 2 hours before the game. The bars, the cafe’s, and any place that had a TV was packed beyond standing room only. It was an experience I’ll not soon forget.

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