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Day 357 – sunset after the rains

Posted in Landscapes by Dave on December 23, 2010

With the record rains finally over, I was happy to see the sun setting on this field. We had nearly our annual rainfall in just 5 days!



Day 308 – Carlsbad Sunset

Posted in Landscapes, Places by Dave on November 5, 2010

I had a meeting in San Diego today so on the way home I stopped by Carlsbad beach for some sunset shots with fellow 365’er  Steve.

San Diego had record heat for November with the highs hitting three digits today. I must admit, I looked pretty ridiculous wearing my suit with a camera around my neck at the beach tonight.

Day 272 – iPhone Sunset

Posted in Landscapes by Dave on September 29, 2010

Forgot the camera today. I drove straight from work to pick the kids up at soccer practice and there was this beautiful sunset going on. There were even a few lightning flashes. Super cool. iPhone to the rescue.

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Day 251 – Pacific Coast Highway

Posted in Landscapes by Dave on September 10, 2010

Tonight, I had dinner plans in Huntington Beach. Driving along PCH, I just loved how the sun was setting against the blue sky and clouds. I had to pull over and take a few shots. It made the POD easy.

Day 242: multiplicity

Posted in concepts by Dave on August 30, 2010

I have found that I am really drawn to symmetrical lines..the sun is setting on a fleet of vans.

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Day 223: sundown, lights on.

Posted in Landscapes by Dave on August 15, 2010

Caught the sun going down after soccer practice tonight. I liked how the stadium lights were turning on against the sun.

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Day 200: blinds

Posted in Places by Dave on July 19, 2010

I can’t wait for the sun to set just a little further, I’m exhausted today…..the bed is calling me.

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Day 193: Lost and Found

Posted in Things by Dave on July 12, 2010

Someone left these in our backyard after our 4th of July party.  Hurry up and claim them if they’re yours….I’m getting very comfortable with them. 🙂

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Day 158 – transition

Posted in concepts, Landscapes by Dave on June 7, 2010

light to dark to light again…

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Day 147 – Tip of the Day

Posted in Landscapes, Places by Dave on May 28, 2010

If you have a friend who runs full triathlons and recently completed both the Boston and NY Marathon and he asks you to go on a “moderate” hike, make sure you get the definition of moderate first.

It turns out that moderate means a strenuous hike up to a 2700 foot peak, and a relatively easy hike back down. When you combine the two, it’s moderate. And it takes half the day. And it’ll make you sore.

This is the sunset from the pool deck of the Westin Maui hotel after enjoying a well deserved drink.